Landon's Miracle Journey Back to the Diamond

Landon's Miracle Journey Back to the Diamond

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, but for 7 year-old Landon Cooper, it was life changing. On July 12, Landon was electrocuted by fallen power lines in his yard from a storm that passed through the night before. Landon was flown to the hospital in Tulsa, where he was placed on a 72 hour death watch. 

The electrocution hit the left side of his body, causing third degree burns on his chest, left arm, the tips of 3 fingers, and all ten of his toes. After several skin graphs, a week in the hospital, and PT and OT, he was sent home with strict no sun orders. 

It proved to be a difficult task for Landon’s parents to find shirts and sleeves to cover his petite arms. They even resorted to using his sister’s softball socks to cover his arm. After continuously ordering and returning arm sleeves, they stumbled upon our brand of youth collection of compression arm sleeves. The sleeve acts as a layer of protection for your skin to reduce sun exposure (UPF 50+) and provide general protection from scrapes, bumps, turf burn, etc. Landon now has a plethora of our designs that he now wears on a daily basis to stay protected from the sun. 

“The miracle God allowed us to receive, by keeping our little man fully intact. We can all live with scars and we hear everyday how “lucky” he is, but we personally look at it as how Blessed and what a miracle he is.” - Heather and Dustin (Landon’s Parents) 

We are thrilled that we can provide products to Landon to protect him from the sun, so he can continue to be an adventurous 7 year-old and to be able to get back out on the baseball field! Best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery, Landon! Elite Athletic Gear is rooting for you!

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Thank you so much I can’t thank you enough he is a family member


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