It all started back in 2014 during my senior year of college while I was playing shortstop and came to realize every baseball player on every team was only wearing black or white arm sleeves. As we played teams from around the nation it dawned on me that this market needed to be disrupted to give athletes more flair on the field. I was a business major, lifelong athlete and knew that graduation and real life was creeping up on me quickly. That is when I started Elite Athletic Gear right out of my college dorm room at Fairleigh Dickinson University (Florham Campus). I had minimal resources and connections to rely on, but I spent my college nights teaching myself how to design products, negotiate with suppliers and build a website.

The first website (which was absolutely terrible) only had 3 designs of arm sleeves and 4 motivational wristbands. That initial investment was everything I had saved and it practically took up all of my dorm room at the time. Once graduation came around it was time to move the start up into a small apartment where I converted my bedroom into a mini warehouse that was composed of turning my dressers into storage and my bed into a fulfillment table.

As the years went on, I moved the business out of the apartment and into a small house. From that, a small house turned into a bigger house with a large basement which then transitioned into our first "real" warehouse that was about 3,000 sq ft. The brand continued to grow and after 3 years in that warehouse we maxed out the space and moved the business in a large facility in FL where we now have the space and assets we need to continue growing the brand! 

Elite Athletic Gear is still a small, family owned and operated business that focuses on providing athletes of all levels premium gear, jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. We are now composed of a small, but incredible team that has a relentless motivation for continuous innovation in product design and technology.  That passion will continue to reflect in our top quality products, which means your expectations will be surpassed season after season. We understand the day-to-day grind of being an athlete and we want our products to keep you comfortable and confident no matter what your goals are on or off the field.

Thank you for supporting our brand!