24 New Arm Sleeve Drops - December 2016

24 New Arm Sleeve Drops - December 2016

2016 was filled with new products, innovation and expansion! We closed out the year with some fire new gear that is just the beginging of our new 2017 lineup! 

We launched 24 New Arm Sleeves in December 2016! (Yes, right in time for the holiday madness!) The largest new product release month since we launched Elite Athletic Gear in 2014. In addition to the new drops, we've also received superior feedback from our customers requesting an arm sleeve size between our "YOUTH" & "STANDARD" to ensure the perfect fit. Needless to say, we went to the drawing boards and our new collections now feature 3 sizes: YOUTH, S/M & L/XL (Formerly "Standard") Below is a recap of our new sleeves! 

Our NEW Geo Digi Arm Sleeve Collection features a combination of hand drawn, sleek, geometric shapes that are embedded with our traditional digi camo. We like to think of this design as a combination of old school and new school that will stand out during every sporting event. 

Top Row: White Geo Digi, Red Geo Digi, Orange Geo Digi, Gold Geo Digi, Neon Green Geo Digi & Green Geo Digi.

Bottom Row: Navy Geo Digi, Royal Blue Geo Digi, Light Blue Geo Digi, Maroon Geo Digi, Purple Geo Digi & Pink Geo Digi.


We closed out our new drops for December with our Carbon Camo Arm Sleeve Collection. This collection features a subtle background of traditional camo with a smooth gradient of true color from your bicep to a darker gray/black as you move towards the wrist. These sleeves look incredible when paired with your teams uniforms.

Top Row: Gray Carbon Camo, Red Carbon Camo, Orange Carbon Camo, Gold Carbon Camo, Neon Green Carbon Camo & Green Carbon Camo. 

Bottom Row: Navy Carbon Camo, Royal Blue Carbon Camo, Light Blue Carbon Camo, Maroon Carbon Camo, Purple Carbon Camo & Pink Carbon Camo. 



We take pride in every design that we create as all of our design work is completed in-house. As former athletes, we know what the upcoming classes of athletes want and are always a step ahead to provide options to have you feeling and looking the best for every game or practice. Sooo cliche... but we do believe in the Look Good. Feel Good. Play Good. 

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